Move more, sit less… enjoy the changes.

It’s hard to find time to stay fit. Especially if you work all day. As we get a little older it seems even more difficult and often less important.

But, staying active is important if you want to live a long, healthy life. We can all find time to ‘do’ as the Italians ‘do’ and take an evening stroll around the neighbourhood after dinner. The difference to your health will surprize you.

But for those of us who would like a little more, Karina, Lifetime Daily’s fitness guru, gives a simple HIIT workout we can all do to beef up our cardiovascular system, manage weight and stay fit. I like experimenting with HIIT while chasing the dog around the trails; I start by walking, throwing the stick and then racing the dog to get the stick. I never win.

Here is an quick look at the HIIT workout Karina suggests; often called high intensity interval training (HIIT), you’ll be alternating between short periods of hard effort and active recovery. You’ll get a fantastic workout in a short period of time. Click for more info. on RPE’s and Karina’s HIIT workout.