All In Your Attitude

Ever wonder if a small shift in how you think could make a large difference in how you feel and potentially what you do? Sometimes the personal adjustments we make in our thinking can have an instrumental impact on our lives.

I remember watching a movie called Sliding Doors, where a London woman’s love life and career both hinge on whether or not she catches a train. The story shows two parallel lives of the main character Helen. The two parallel lives move forward in tandem but take two very different paths. I’ve often thought about that turning point; the decisions we make and how they affect the path we are on. And, what if we had made an alternative choice. Would the end result be so radically different?

But whatever choice we do make, positive thoughts have a favorable mental and physical impact on quality of life no matter which train you are on.

As psychologist Jacqueline Gunn suggests, “When we shift our attitude, we will see the world differently. Whatever it is you’re looking to change — whether it’s a large emotional obstacle or reducing the stress of daily life — having a positive outlook makes daily living not only easier, but more enjoyable. We may not have control over much of what happens to us, but as Viktor Frankl’s quote reflects, we do have control over our attitude. By affirming a positive outlook, we reinforce the possibility of seeing the world more optimistically, which impacts the quality of our day in a good way.”