Over time, there have been fundamental changes in the way we age.
Age is no longer determined solely by genetic factors, but by how well we live our lives: through exercise, diet and attitude. People are not only living longer; they’re wanting to live better.

With decades of experience in retirement living, health and fitness, travel and housing development, my passion has only grown greater for helping organizations prosper in a wellness philosophy and inspiring people 55+ live their life to the fullest. My belief is that you can live an exceptional life no matter what age you are.

My blog is dedicated to exploring and understanding ways to live that exuberant, feel-good life beginning with the basics like exercise, diet and attitude but adding so much more.

I live out my philosophy by actively consulting on active aging to help organizations big and small understand and embrace the strategic benefits of a wellness environment for older adults. My role as Publisher and Co-Founder of Lifetime Daily has given me great insight about the likes, dislikes, habits and nuances of the 55+ crowd.

I have worked with the older adult industry for decades in an executive marketing, development and community investment capacity, guiding and building strong customer focused brands that exude elements of active aging and wellness. I can’t stress the importance of understanding the effect the older adult generation is now having on consumer spending patterns, personal health consumption, nutritional outlooks and ways to stay fit. I have strategized, guided and helped organizations lay out a roadmap for success to ride that burgeoning tidal wave of active agers.

Industries I have worked in:

  1. Retirement Housing
  2. Independent Living Communities
  3. Fitness
  4. Banking
  5. Travel
  6. Insurance
  7. Publishing

Make your active aging organization grow, strengthen and ‘hit the nail on the head’ by addressing the 55+ customer needs. Perhaps my blog can inspire you or your organization to do just that.

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